About us


Our company Seven Tops Bg Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of consumer goods, existing on the Bulgarian market since 1992. The range of products includes household cleaners and personal hygiene products under the brands Dr. Fresh, Bee Free, etc. We also produce private brands of commercial chains in Bulgaria and commercial companies.


Our export markets are: Malta, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Georgia, India, Greece.


Seven Tops Bg Ltd. is also a representative of a number of European factories with their products.


Our customers are large international retail chains, local chain stores, wholesalers, as well as independent small stores.


Another unit of our company is the export of wine, already established brands in the Czech Republic, Slovakia – in the chains Makro Cash and Carry, Ahold, Kaufland, etc.


These are our trusted long-term partners with whom we have been cooperating for more than three decades